Digital Informasi Futuristik

UI/UX Design

Application UI and user experience is art for us.

UI/UX Design

We design user needs and habits when operation
of the website or application by featuring easy to use interface and providing a fun experience.


Research is the first step we take to design a web or application. By doing research we can find out what the goals of the business, the problems found, and the goals you want to achieve. After knowing from a business perspective, we will do research to find potential users who interest to visit the website or use your application.

The next step is to map out a strategy to start designing interfaces, user scenarios, and creating easy user flows to create a good user experience.

Then from the results of research and strategies that have been made, we will make a prototype and conduct testing and evaluation. Here we can test the solution for real users based on the data received from the test results, and can make improvements to improve the design created.


Profesional tools used can maximize interface
created to provide user experience.


“ We always build the trust value from the customers by paying attention
to the quality of our services, products, processes to maximum work results.”