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Development Resources

We are ready to assist you in procuring your
IT project development resources.

Development Resources

We provide resources or a team for your development project. You don’t needcto spend time doing recruitment, you only need to describe the needs and specifications, and we will provide references to our experienced and suitable resources.

The minimum contract we provide is 3 months with a maximum contract of 1 year and extended in the following years.

During the contract period, our internal project manager will be responsible for assigning daily tasks and monitoring the progress of the project.


We have more than 20 resources ready to assist in the development of your project. The positions we can offer are as follows:

– Project Manager
– Developer
– Designer
– Quality Assurance
– Systems Analyst
– Business Analyst


If you need resources or a team for your project, please let us know the requirements in detail, and we will offer the availability of our resources or team according to the required criteria in the CV format. If an interview is required for this process, we would be happy to organize it.

After selecting the resources or team, the contract will be executed by our CEO with the person in charge of the client project.


“ We always build the trust value from the customers by paying attention
to the quality of our services, products, processes to maximum work results.”